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This is a place for artists and bands that I only have a few photos of and no other information about. If you know something about these artists or you have pictures, audio, video, etc please contact me through this site. I will be glad to work with you to scan in photos - migrate cassette tapes to digital - or capturing video and migrating it to digital if possible.


Jerry Axson


Bio (Provided by Wayne "Crash" Andrews):

Formed in a living room on Adden St. In Orangeburg SC. in 1985. Monty Rast on bass guitar, Wayne Conley on drums, Wayne Andrews guitar and vocals and Kenny LeFrance on lead guitar. Playing music for the fun of it. While we did play a few shows around town the band lasted about 2 years. It gave us all a chance to play in front of people and entertain.


Comments by Jerry Axson:

I have spoken with several musicians from the Orangeburg area and we all pretty much agree Mike Amos is the Godfather of contemporary local bands from in and around that region. It was Mike who made band instruments and PA equipment available to the masses in Orangeburg through Williams Music and I know personally if you did not have it to spend Mike would bend over backwards to work something out for you and your band. He was one of the first Rock musicians in Orangeburg from a handful and myself as well as others looked up to him as a player and performer. He was comfortable in many different musical landscapes through the years and always brought a level of excellence and performance to each role he filled. Thanks Mike for helping to lead the way.



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Bio (Provided by Fred Jeffers and Hal Axson):

One Way Left was the creation of Eddie Hutto, Hal Axson, Blake Berkley, and Bert Solon. Each member coming from other local playing bands between Orangeburg, Columbia, and Irmo, SC the individual members wanted to put together a Top 40 Rock and Roll band to play out live around the state. Eddie Hutto and Hal Axson played together in several bands throughout the years including “Edisto River Band”, “One Way Left”, and “Slow Down Faster”, Bert Solon had played with Hal Axson in “The Crawl” from Columbia, SC and Blake Berkley played with Hal Axson in “3-D Monday” and he played in and toured extensively with “Almost Nuts” both bands based out of Columbia, SC. After Blake and Bert left the band the remaining two members invited drummer Wes Hanna to join and they continued three piece until finally folding the project to form “Slow Down Faster” with Terry Collins. Although this project was short lived it formed the basis for other projects and merits it’s place as a stepping stone to other bands in the area.


Bio (provided by Craig Keeney):

The Sail Cats started up in the fall of 1994. Drummer Kevin Keeney and his bass-playing brother, Craig, were interested in playing music that didn't sound like Nirvana or Pearl Jam, so they joined up with singer, rhythm guitarist, and longtime friend and musical mentor Chas Haynes and lead guitarist Warren Thomas. Chas and Warren were gifted songwriters and wrote many more songs than are represented on the band's demo (recorded at the Jam Room in 1995). The Sail Cats played between 30 and 40 shows before calling it quits in late 1996. Warren played for a while in a band called Brass Candle. Kevin and Craig went on start up Martian Death Lyric and, more recently, Modalcoda.


Bio (Provided by Cliff Robinson):

Started informally in the early 80's by friends Dwayne Bishop and Cliff Robinson on guitars, Donnie Way on drums, and Mike Coats on bass. Cliff was the elder statesman of the group, having started in the early 70's with Orangeburg bands “Barabbas” and “Warm Rain” and playing later with German students in the Columbia, SC band “FlameHead”. Dwayne and Mike had cut their teeth with the Orangeburg band “Ozmantis”, and Donnie was just naturally awesome. “Stranger” was born with the discovery and addition of prodigy and local legend Joni Sharpe. Taking advantage of Joni's talents, the playlist was heavy on Heart and Pat Benatar covers of the day. The band was short-lived due to Joni's college plans, but “Stranger” burned hot while in existence.

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