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New to the site we have added “STUDIOS”, a page dedicated to the many music recording facilities spread throughout the state of South Carolina. Some of these facilities are large and packed with the latest and greatest technology available for a musician to capture and process their signature sound while others are small and custom fitted offering a more intimate and personal recording experience.

Time has proven one thing to be true about recording your music - it does not matter, big or small, magic can happen anywhere at anytime just make sure someone good is sitting behind that console to capture it!

Our first showcase is on Red Arrow Studio located in Westminster, SC. The studio was envisioned and established by Cliff Witherspoon. Cliff and Video / Marketing Manager Sheila Merck not only offer a state of the art recording facility for capturing music but a full soundstage for live performance and conceptual audio / video production, artist management and booking, digital distribution, packaging and promotional services. Red Arrow Studio – a “go-to” solution for any working musician or band.

Red Arrow Studio has been in existence since 2016. In the spirit of the movie Field of Dreams, it has truly been a “build it and they will come” experience for owner Cliff Witherspoon. The studio came to be when searching for a studio for a Nashville based band, managed by Mr. Witherspoon. They needed to record their debut album, but Nashville studios were cost prohibitive. As a solution, Mr. Witherspoon obtained the equipment needed to record the album in his warehouse in Westminster, SC and thus, Red Arrow Studio was born. With that as a starting point, Red Arrow Studio has remained focused on providing top quality recordings for bands of all genres at a price that is affordable.


Since 2016, the studio has been constantly growing and improving its capabilities. With the most recent round of upgrades, the studio now has a dedicated 750 sq. ft. live tracking room, a 250 sq. ft. vocal chamber and listening room, a 24’X20’ dedicated soundstage for its Red Arrow Concert Series broadcasts, an isolation chamber for guitar amplifiers, and a stand-alone control room. The studio is fully equipped with gear and equipment so that anyone playing bluegrass to heavy metal can walk through the door empty handed and have access to guitars, basses, amps, keyboards, etc. to give them exactly the sound they are looking for. 


Sheila Merck had been part of the Red Arrow Staff since 2017 serving as the producer for the Red Arrow Concert Series. In 2018 she joined the Red Arrow staff full time, adding marketing and social media to her responsibilities. Ms. Merck has had a career in broadcast television, as well as being an instructor of the Media Arts program at one of the area colleges. With her addition as a full time staff member, Red Arrow Studio is now able to provide quality audio and video recordings. That coupled with Mr. Witherspoon’s comprehensive musical background allows Red Arrow Studio to be on the forefront of what is happening with the southeastern US music scene.

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Here are some audio samples showcasing the production and engineering capabilities at Red Arrow Studio. Cliff Witherspoon pulls from years of experience working in the music industry, both as a working musician and as a sound tech behind the glass. Possessing a firm understanding of the equipment installed and available at Red Arrow Studio Cliff and his team have spent the past three years building a solid catalog of recorded music spanning a wide spectrum of styles and shapes.

Justin Clyde Williams dropped by Red Arrow Studio to perform an acoustic version of Rebel Yell.

This is an example of the video capabilities Red Arrow Studio can offer the artist as a vehicle for showcasing their talents both in sight and sound.

Black River Rebels perform live for a Red Arrow Concert series installment.

Red Arrow Studio offers a dual service with their Concert series for any musician or band. The performance is professionally filmed utilizing Red Arrow's state of the art audio/video equipment and presented to the Red Arrow audience base for their listening pleasure which offers the artist exposure to new fans and supplies them with a promotional tool to obtain future bookings.

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