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Bio (Provided by Cliff Robinson):

Started informally in the early 80's by friends Dwayne Bishop and Cliff Robinson on guitars, Donnie Way on drums, and Mike Coats on bass. Cliff was the elder statesman of the group, having started in the early 70's with Orangeburg bands “Barabbas” and “Warm Rain” and playing later with German students in the Columbia, SC band “FlameHead”. Dwayne and Mike had cut their teeth with the Orangeburg band “Ozmantis”, and Donnie was just naturally awesome. “Stranger” was born with the discovery and addition of prodigy and local legend Joni Sharpe. Taking advantage of Joni's talents, the playlist was heavy on Heart and Pat Benatar covers of the day. The band was short-lived due to Joni's college plans, but “Stranger” burned hot while in existence.

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