Astrobotica Supra De' Nova

I love music, all types – but what I really enjoy the most is being surprised. Tracy Hollingsworth introduced me to the works of Scott Agullo, (aka Astrobotica Supra De’ Nova), a few years back at the Columbia Comic Con. I took the CD’s home and gave them a listen and I was pleasantly surprised. What Scott creates is very unique especially to the Columbia music scene and to the state music scene for that matter. He pulls you in to an emotional soundscape that is sweeping and still, noisy yet vacant, and complex but simple – I really like that. It tests the standard pop/rock confines and as you listen and you are drawn in you discover an hour has passed you by and you did not miss one minute. Being the private person that he is I have patiently waited since I started this site for Scott to allow me to showcase his music, his talent, and he has finally agreed. This music is very beautiful and I urge everyone who reads this to discover Scott Agullo and Astrobotica Supra De’ Nova for yourselves.


Bio (provided by Scott Agullo):

Astrobotica Supra De' Nova is a solo project created by Scott Agullo back in 2005. ASDN's sound is a mixture of musical tonal expressions, kaleidoscope sounds, dreamy tones with increasingly beautiful rewards. A bit of indie, shoegaze, and post rock influence, this genre blends dance beats fused with melodic instrumental picking, strumming and light synthesizer fills. With two EP's released: Reach with No Response (2006), and Comfort Collision (2008), a new project is in the works!

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