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I was surfing the internet searching for management and publishing companies located in the Southeast and I stumbled across a link to a blog for a musicians guide publication sales page. The title of this book grabbed me immediately and pulled me in and after reading a few posted sample pages I knew I had to purchase a copy and read it entirely. The author is Dave Rose who is the CEO of Deep South Entertainment located in Raleigh, NC and he has produced a personable and insightfully practical set of guidelines for the working musician at every stage of development. Granted the book is a few years old but I can safely say everything contained within is applicable to the current industry state from each aspect presented.

I highly recommend this book especially to the musician or band that is seeking knowledge and sound advice about that next move and the options available to them. There is a lot of common sense approach to what Dave speaks on in this guide based on his decades of experience coming up in the industry. A lot of humor and a lot of sobering reality checks, both equally important to the developing artist. Pick yourself up a copy and give it a read – if you practice music or simply love it you will find much wisdom and information in this book.

Jerry Axson

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An industry veteran, Dave Rose has worked with Grammy-winning and Billboard-charting greats such as Bruce Hornsby, Little Feat, Stryper, Vienna Teng, Marcy Playground, Allison Moorer, Butch Walker, Sister Hazel, Tres Chicas, SR-71, Parmalee, Lee Roy Parnell, Darden Smith, and The Warren Brothers. Deep South Entertainment is headquartered in Raleigh, N.C. and continues to be an industry leader in artist management and career development.


The history of South Carolina blues is a long, deep—and sometimes painful—story. However, it is a narrative with aspects as compelling as the music itself. Geographical differences in America led to variations in the styles of music that developed from African rhythms. The wet, marshy landscape and hot, muggy weather of the Carolina Lowcountry combined to cultivate not only rice, but a Gullah-based style of South Carolina blues. In drier climates, toward the Midlands and the Upstate, the combination of European influences led to the emergence of Piedmont blues, which in turn spawned country music as well as bluegrass. Those same Gullah roots resulted in four major dance crazes, starting with the Charleston. 


In this book, music history professor and blues radio host Clair DeLune dusts off neglected nuggets of history, drawing on archival photographs and rarely seen memorabilia from a generation of musicians’ personal collections. Readers will learn not only new information about some famous players who left their musical mark on history, but even more about the not-so-famous ones, as well as modern masters who carry on the rhythms of their predecessors and are truly keeping South Carolina blues alive.

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Welcome to the web presence for the educational and entertaining radio show, "Blues Moon Radio," featuring your host since 1990, Clair DeLune, a professor of Roots Music history and author of "South Carolina Blues" on Arcadia Publishing.

Tune in each Tuesday evening from 6-8 p.m. ET/USA (-5 GMT) on WUSC FM (Columbia, S.C.) at 90.5 FM, HD1 Columbia, or via the streaming 'net at


Cool Moths Never Come to the Light

by Angelo Gianni

Cool Moths Never Come to the Light offers up an off-kilter view of the world that is simultaneously poignant and raunchy- each line charged with melancholic humor, complex observation and fatalistic charm.


Gianni cuts a gritty slice of life and his Everyman characters slash to the heart of our condition: we are ultimately alone in a world full of people. Scruffy and dogmatic, Gianni's characters traverse a stark yet vivid landscape littered intermittently with disappointment, joy, and an ironic recognition of the joke of life.

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Angelo Gianni is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who makes recordings in a bunker under his driveway.


He performed previously in alt rock outfit Treadmill Trackstar.

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