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Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm

Scarlet Keys

In this video series, Berklee Songwriting instructor Scarlet Keys shows you the songwriting tools that professional songwriters use and how you can apply them to your own songs.

Quick Songwriting Tips

Shane Adams

The most important quality in songwriting is melody. If you want your melody to stand out, you shouldn’t be afraid to try notes other than the most common notes used in any key (the root or the 5th of the scale).

Use Imagery and Small Moments

Andrea Stolpe

In this video, songwriter and Berklee Online course author Andrea Stolpe shows why it’s important to use imagery in the verses of your song.

Navigating the Music Business

Leah Waldo

Leah Waldo will teach you how to navigate the music business over the course of four lessons. She draws from her personal experience as a country artist, performing under the name Elisa Smith with her band the Tiny Little Lies.

Music Business Foundations

John P. Kellogg

John P. Kellogg illuminates the ins and outs of the music industry, and what you need to know if you’d like to be part of it. John discusses the history of the business, as well as some of the directions where it could be heading: the impact that comes from technological innovation, the switch from physical to digital, etc.

Career Strategies, Brand Identity Development

Patrick Ermlich and Erin Barra

Learn about the origins of branding, how it moved from a physical cue to an emotional one through history, and why it’s important to have a strong brand identity as a musician.

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