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Local Music Scene South Carolina,


To know where you are going

and what you can accomplish once you get there,

you must first understand where you come from

and what part of that you carry with you.

What is this about???

No card, no club, no secret de-coder ring, just a place to post info, pix, audio, and video samples of independent musicians and bands from our great state of South Carolina...


This all started for me while cruising the internet one day I did a search for The Killer Whales out of Charleston, SC - an awesome band I had listened to while in High School and who had experienced local, regional, and international success. To my surprise and shock I found very little information and almost nothing representing their achievements, their music, and their career. As a musician and a South Carolinian this kinda' ticked me off so once I got past the anger I decided to do something about it. I contacted David and Murphy of the "Whales" who were just epically cool and nice guys and they gave me their permission to "showcase" the history of the band along with permission to post music samples, pictures, and a video.


Years and so many artists and bands later this site has grown into much more than I originally thought it would be. With each musician I research or speak with I am moved by their genuine warmth, compassion, and conviction for the work they have generated and are generating, and I realize there is so much more to do here. I make no money from this website, it is completely financed by me personally and every ounce of work that goes into it is done by me alone, this is purely an act of love and respect for musicians, songwriters, and performers of original music from South Carolina like myself. And if anyone asks do I have the "creds" to do this sort of thing - my music will speak for me...

I have a deep conviction that no one person’s art form or craft should be overlooked nor forgotten but rather stand shoulder to shoulder on a common neutral ground where it can be showcased and appreciated by everyone willing to experience something wholly original. I feel we owe it to our community, our southern culture and heritage, to those who know and recognize the faces and sounds and we owe it to the next generation coming up so they have a marker to point to and say “this is where I come from – this is my sound, and these are the artists that came before me to show it could be done”.


I hope every musician and band I reach out to is willing to participate on this site in sharing what they have created – their art – their vision – their signature sound. Show your support by visiting this site, spreading the word to your friends and sending me your suggestions on local talent we can showcase.

                                                Jerry Axson



Lonesome Dog Music logo

Jerry, thanks so much for re-introducing me and my music to the folks of South Carolina. I am looking forward to doing some shows "back home" and your efforts to let people know more about me will help tremendously. As you know it can be hard for an Indie artist to get press so what you do is very important. All the best!

Wes Mackey


Thanks Jerry Axson for putting this together on your site, you found some of those old photos I've never even seen before. This site is a great documentary and collection of the many talented bands that SC has produced over the years.

Robert Thorn - Uncle Mingo


I just wanted to send you a note to thank-you for the lovely profile on Local Music Scene. You have a terrific site, and if there is ever anything I can do for you, please let me know. All my best,

Joe Taylor


Nicely done, Jerry, the pages look good!

Ryan Jones - Ron Rainey Management/American Artists Corporation (The Marshall Tucker Band)


I am knocked out by what you're doing with the Local Music Scene SC site! When you first described it to me I really didn't get how big a project you've got going here - this is a colossal idea, and you're doing a great job with it. What a great way to check out what's going on across the state! Thanks for all your effort and devotion to the cause of live music.

David Bethany - The Killer Whales


Thanks to Jerry Axson for investing his time and love into this site!!!!! Please Enjoy!! PEACE!!!!!!

Murphy Pitts - The Killer Whales


Thanks so much for your kind words and for putting all of that work into cataloging the areas music. It's appreciated!

Angelo Gianni - Treadmill Trackstar


Jerry Axson has taken it upon himself to spend untold time putting together tributes to our local artists. I feel honored to have spent time in Treadmill Trackstar and am very proud of what we accomplished, but most of all, it's about the relationships with people, even the most trivial, peripheral ones, that stick with me. Here's to our next gig (whenever that might be) and here's also to every single individual that was a part of what we did. Always... Thank you, Jerry!!

Tony Lee - Treadmill Trackstar


It never ceases to amaze me how many people are willing to commit to (loyally) a local music scene. Jerry's dedication to loving, encouraging, and exposing South Carolina's unknowns is a special thing. Keep up the great work, Jerry. Thanks for the love!

Ben Walker - Rejectioneers


Wow, dude...reads great! Thank've done a great job. If you don't mind, I'd love to use what you put together as our official bio at some point.

Christopher Sutton - Isabelle's Gift


Thank you SO much for helping support our music!

Joey Williams - Miles To Go


Thanks so much for your feature on American Gun. Thanks for supporting local music & keep it up!

Todd Mathis - American Gun


Just want to send my kudos to you on the website. I'm glad we could help out in some small way and we really appreciate the link-back! I think every state should have a site like yours -- like an online hub for local music. Most of us being musicians and producers ourselves, it's great to see what MOTU users are up to and it goes without saying how much we appreciate their support.

Scott Heron - Web Design MOTU, (Mark Of The Unicorn)


Looks great! Please post a note and link on our facebook page ( so we can help spread the news, or send me the info and I'll post for you. Thanks for your support!

Jim Cooper - Director of Marketing MOTU (Mark Of The Unicorn)


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