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Local Music Scene South Carolina,

Ben Walker Radio live. — with Ben Walker and Aaron Luther.

Ben Walker Radio live. — with Quinn Steinbrecher, Ben Walker and Aaron Luther.

Ben Walker solo acoustic live. — with Ben Walker.

Ben performs solo acoustic for Scene SC event. — with Ben Walker.

Ben performs live acoustic at WXRY 99.3 studios for a live broadcast. — with Ben Walker.

Ben Walker live - with Ben Walker

Ben Walker live - with Ben Walker

Ben Walker live - With Chris Corley, Ben Walker and Aaron Luther.

2003 release "There's Better Places To Go".

Released in 2010 this 3 song digital EP for download was offered to help finance the recording of "25" by the Rejectioneers. Song tracks included are 1. Trading In (Ben Walker Radio) 2. I'm On The Way (Ben Walker Radio) 3. Get So Mad (Rejectioneers)

Cover art issued by the Rejectioneers showing a very young, very orange Bryan Taylor, (Our Fallen Hero, Burns Out Bright, The Silent Anthem). This was for the 5 song EP release and digital download. — with Bryan Lynn Taylor.

I am a songwriter, have been for a long time. Some songs good some not so good but one thing I’ve always known beyond a shadow of a doubt – it’s not as easy to do as a lot of folks would have you think. As with any craft that springs from a true love and passion it takes time to polish, it takes a lot of brutal honesty both with yourself and the audience you present it to, it takes a boat load of humility and the unwavering inner strength to bare it all no matter how it might look hanging out there, that takes guts! I first heard Ben Walker when my son was still living at home and going to USC, his room was next to my office and he would play new music he had just discovered and I would hear it by proxy which was a good thing. I remember him playing “Christine” from “There’s Better Places To Go” over and over and I caught myself listening to the lyric and the delivery, I was blown away! I got a copy of the CD from my son and began listening and studying it and I fell in love with just about every song. A year or so later Ben performed in Lexington, SC and my son and I went to hear him play. He delivered a very warm and intimate set by himself and later I was able to catch up with him, introduce myself and purchase a copy of “There’s Better Places To Go” for myself. I’m still enjoying my copy of that CD and I do believe Ben Walker is one of the best songwriters we have produced from this state, (and we have produced a good many over the years!). The Ben Walker Radio project has passed but now we have the Rejectioneers to look forward to and as it is with all true artists who seek to grow and become better at their art form I am sure we will be hearing good things from them as well.


Bio (from the press kit):
Ben's music-simple, intimate, yet delivered with all the force of a full band-eclipses the term “singer/songwriter” or any other. His lyrics focus on the universals of humanity: life, love and experience; never gratuitously self-indulgent and always heartfelt. Musically, Ben's mix of strong melodies, unconventional structure and sensitive storytelling makes him the equal of modern songwriters like Jonah's Onelinedrawing and Bright Eyes.


Ben began playing music as a teenager in hardcore and punk bands around the Columbia, SC area. However, he continued to nurse his more reflective side, being influenced by everyone from Pedro the Lion to Johnny Cash. Eventually, the songs he wrote for friends became more and more popular; they demanded more, and with their encouragement he began playing solo shows. Ben won local acoustic competitions and gathered a devoted, earnest fan base.


He played shows both solo and with Ben Walker Radio, a project that fleshed out the songs utilizing the talents of Adam Cullum on keyboards and vocals, David Adedokun on bass and vocals, and Caleb Weathersby on drums. Ben Walker Radio toured regionally with bands like Waiting for December, Burns Out Bright, Colour Revolt, & Anathallo. In 2003 the band released an eleven song CD recorded at Family Whistle Studios by Justin Graham, mixed and mastered by Greg Davis. It was well received locally showcasing Ben’s writing talent with tracks such as “Story Of The Summer”, “Christine”, “Angel”, and “St. Valentines Day”. 2004 saw the release of two additional tracks by the band recorded in Lakeland. FL by Matt Wilbur. The first track titled “I’m On My Way” a love letter written by Ben to his soon-to-be wife and the second track titled “Trading In” which became a regional fan favorite for Ben Walker Radio to perform.


“Radio” eventually ceased to be and members found their way to other places and projects. Ben Walker is currently writing, singing, and performing with The Rejectioneers out of Lexington, SC and they have just recently released a 5 song EP titled “25”.

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