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What's this about???

   How would you like the opportunity to help contribute to your favorite artist or bands creative process? Maybe get a pre-release or an honorable mention in the liner note credits? or maybe have them show up and perform in your living room? It's no secret most musicians are usually borderline broke and just getting by, it takes money to make that creative process from thought to mastered mega-hit happen.

   Fund raising campaigns, (ie Kickstarter, Patreon, etc), are a wonderful way to raise attention and money to help great talent achieve their goals and realize their artistic vision. Keep your eye on this page because you never know when your favorite local or regional artist or group may be asking for your help to make the impossible happen!

Treadmill Trackstar

an album every couple of years until I'm dead...


"Treadmill Trackstar is interested in music for music’s sake. No band member receives any money. All funds go toward recording the next project. Our only goal is to make the next record. And the next…"


The Short Version:

The goal is to make a Treadmill album every couple of years until the day I die. I love the idea of creating music with a community behind me, with the end goal simply being the creation itself. We've made 3 records this way so far (download them for free here). I need your help to keep doing this!


The Long Version:

I realize that people are sick and tired of Kickstarter and crowd-funding in general. But I believe that giving music away for free and paying for its creation in some way other than selling it makes for better, more pure, more honest music. Unfortunately there are some obvious problems with this business model!


No money raised through this campaign will be used for anything other than the next record. Recording, mixing, mastering, art, graphics, packaging, online distribution costs... and that's it. Not one cent goes into anyone's pocket. Ever. That goes for income outside of this campaign too - shows (if we ever play live again), merch, iTunes sales... it all goes into the pot. If by a miracle we get pledges of over our goal, we'll use that for more time in a real studio - which would rule. Rinse, repeat...until the day I die.


We've gotten very good at making high quality records for cheap. "I Belong to Me" cost $13,000 in '07 and I thought that was cheap as hell (especially compared to the 85k we [they] blew on Only This in 97). The last two albums have come in between 5 and 6 grand. We do not waste a penny, but we truly need about 5k to make a decent record that sounds as good as it needs to sound to be worth making. And the more resources we have, the more we can do. Truth.


Because we need the money before the record comes out so we can pay for everything, this is the plan. If you pledge, you'll have access to the stream here at Patreon. I'll keep you up to date on songwriting and progress for the next project. When I have all of the songs for the next project written and demo'd - I'll release those demos as the content that will trigger the pledges to actually go through so that we then use the cash to make the record which we'll give it to you as soon as it's ready to go.


You only actually pay when we're ready to record the record, which is only going to happen every couple of years - so pledge with that in mind! And you can cancel at any time. I need 270 people at $18.88 to make this happen. (Or 1 at $4,888.88.) That seems completely impossible. I don't know 270 people! Pledge boldly. Pledge recklessly. Pledge knowing that you're only going to actually pay what you pledge every 2 years or so!


On my end - I swear to the Lord above that I will work my ass off to make you the most interesting and best record I possibly can... every couple of years... until the day I die.


And man - use those little privacy invading icons at the top there too. Sharing is caring and that is some powerful stuff. It really REALLY helps.


Thank you ~ Angelo

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