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Cravin’ Melon was an exceptional band, that’s about the best way to put it. The musicians were hands down some of the finest this state has produced, the band was a tight – well oiled machine and the evidence is in the “Home Grown Rock series” film footage I have included on this page, (take some time and watch it). The energy and professionalism that reflects in their live performance is a testimony to the dedication of craft and form, the songs are well written and each one carries the unique stamp of Doug Jones wonderful voice adding flavor and texture to their sound.


For me the biggest regret concerning Cravin’ Melon is that they did not have the opportunity to release more material – much more! As I sit here and type I can’t get their song “The Great Procrastinator” out of my head and that is the highest compliment I can give. My thanks to Jimbo Chapman, Doug Jones, and Rick Reames for their time and valuable input into putting this together and to Danielle Howle for connecting us.

Cravin' Melon was formed at Clemson University in 1994 after the dissolution of two other local South Carolina bands. Vocalist Doug Jones and bassist J.J. Bowers previously teamed as the duo Doghouse, while guitarist Jimbo Chapman and drummer Rick Reames were both alumni of the Next Move band.


The band gained popularity on the regional live scene, Cravin' Melon soon issued a self-titled five-song demo EP which sold out after only a handful of live appearances; the full-length Where I Wanna’ Be followed in early 1995, and was a major hit on local radio. They signed to Mercury Records and released Red Clay Harvest in 1997. The album spawned a minor radio hit, "Come Undone", which peaked at #37 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart. The band's style and geographical roots prompted frequent comparisons to contemporaries and tour mates Hootie & the Blowfish and Edwin McCain.


After their 1998 live EP release Squeeze Me, the band was let go from their label and recorded a final LP in 2000 titled The Great Procrastinator recorded with new bassist Rob Clay, new drummer Gary Greene, and new keyboardist Chad Barger before breaking up on May 19, 2001; a double live CD of one of their last performances unofficially titled Cat’s Cradle was planned but never saw a release.


Lead singer Doug Jones released a solo album in 2007 titled Doug Jones Everybody, Doug Jones. He continues to perform live throughout the southeast. Jimbo Chapman and drummer Rick Reames currently perform with the reformed Next Move band. Cravin’ Melon got back together in 2008 for a reunion tour, which was well received leading to a number of reunion performances up to present date. The current band line up consists of original members Jimbo ChapmanDoug Jones with Chad Barger returning on keyboards and the new additions of Kerry Brooks on bass and Tim Hanley on drums. 

Current Members:

Doug Jones – Vocals, Guitar

Jimbo Chapman – Guitar, Vocals

Chad Barger – Keyboards, Vocals

Kerry Brooks – Bass

Tim Hanley - Drums


Past Members:

Rick Reames – Drums, Vocals

JJ Bowers – Bass, Vocals

Rob Clay – Bass, Vocals

Gary Greene – Drums, Vocals

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