Danielle Howle

True connection can only come about through pure, honest expression. It comes from knowing how to find a truth within, and having the courage to unabashedly share it. As an artist-poet, Danielle Howle is a natural story teller through song, and she makes the biggest impact by sharing simple truths. Her music comes from a place of self-awareness, and is on a perpetual journey of self-discovery. She balances powerful style with conversational lyrics, sharing her honest experience of life.


Known for captivating audiences with her stunning vocal ability, contagious energy, and incredible songwriting skills, Danielle’s music ranges from country swamp blues to jazz to Americana. The South-Carolinian song belle has been compared to Flannery O'Connor, Patsy Cline, and Nina Simone. Reviewed 7 times in The New York Times, calling her “an extraordinary mind, a southern storyteller with a gorgeous sense of melody that should be pouring out of stereos everywhere.”

An effortless and deeply compelling performer, Danielle’s command of music is astounding; her intelligent writing deftly scales anything from ballads to rap to heavy soul. She combines introspective lyrics galvanizing mass appeal. Her sound contains definite influences from jazz, country, southern rock with a jam band dance ability at live shows. As a self-taught musician Danielle defies traditional structures, intuitively creating music that shines with her own idiosyncratic style.

Danielle has demonstrated prowess at every turn of her career, from her early band days to the eclectic acoustic and electronic detours she’s taken since; with a career spanning twenty years she’s covered a lot of ground. Beyond her life as a singer-songwriter she’s turned her hand to successful production, sound track collaborations with filmmakers, and a variety of commercial work. Danielle has an incredibly diverse range, the only constant perhaps being the beloved guitar she shares her stages with.

Danielle has opened for legendary musicians such as Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, Sam Bush, The Avett Brothers, and Fugazi. She’s headlined countless shows and festivals, twice played at the New York City Music Hall, opening for the Indigo Girls, and has sold out rooms across the US and abroad. She’s played at Sarah McLachlan's Lilith Fair, and has toured with Elliott Smith and Ani DiFranco.

Film and Television Credits:

1998 Documentary "Alma" by Ruth Leitner

Song: "The Parlor" album: About to Burst.


1998 ESPN Final Four Women's Basketball Half time Game Bio

Song: "She Has a Past" Album: Do a Two Sabel.


1999 "Faces Of Columbia" documentary for SC Chamber of Commerce

Songs: "From the Tops of Trees","Hey You", "Ode To the group Boys" and "Tie Up The Moon"

Album: Catalog, "Hey You" from Handpicked records compilation.


2001 Documentary "SC Model One-Stop Video” produced by Hindell Garrison SCDESD

Song: "Hometown Heroes" by Danielle Howle *Winner of National Telly Award.


2001 Documentary "And The Sad Will Fall Away" by Beck Sullivan, produced by Mad Monkey

Song: "And The Sad Will Fall Away" by Danielle Howle produced by Jay Clifford.


2001 Assistant Music Coordinator and music performance contributor "Glissando" by Chip Hourihan feature length Cover tune "Woodstock"

by Joni Mitchell. Danielle Howle also performs on other tracks. www.glissando.com


2002 SCETV commercial spots for "HomeGrown"show featured "Host for the Notes" from album: Do A Two Sabel.


2002 SCETV show "HomeGrown" featured Danielle Howle and The Tantrums on one episode.


2003 music contributor to the film "Mine" by Schroder, tracks are from Danielle Howle’s band Lay Quiet Awhile.

Songs: "Oh brother" and "Hunger of the Ant Mutants" album: Delicate Wire.


2003 2002 Music coordinator and music contributor for feature length film "Intentions" by Luane Beck.


2003 "Sweet 16 and a License to DriveMary Kate and Ashley video game

Song: "Hello Kitty" and "Camaro Power" album: Skorborealis.


2003 "The Station Agent" Feature length film.

Song: "Subclassic" on Skorborealis.


2004 Deputy Billy SCETV guest appearance and performance.


2005 "Free Beer Tomorrow" short film written and directed Ashlon Langley

Songs: "Conversation", "Roses From LeRoy’s" and "Swamp Song"


2005 "Remember My Name", 5 Part series for SCETV on domestic violence.

Songs: "Remember My Name", "Ignition" and other materials.


2005 "Bam Bam and Celeste" feature length film by Margaret Cho, directed by Lorene Machado.

Song: "Lonely is A Word" from "About to Burst"

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