Isabelle's Gift

Isabelle’s Gift is a brutal and honest blend of punk, metal, and hard driving rock and roll with just a hint of southern expression. Formed in 1991 out of the necessity to eradicate the present condition of market friendly “hard rock” and comatose live show performances they have spent years building a dedicated and die-hard regional fan base while cutting a path up and down the east coast with live performances which have included strippers, barbed wire, and blood. This band has been a part of the Columbia music scene raging with it’s own unique voice while existing by it’s own set of rules long enough to carve out a signature sound.


Comprised of members Chris Sutton on vocals, James Zimmerman on guitar, Kyle Snell on guitar, Jason Carrion on bass, and Robbie Smith on drums the band takes a no-nonsense approach to their songwriting. In regards to their creative process they state, "There's no formula to how we write our songs. There isn't an agenda or any monetary motivation or someone else telling us we 'need to do this' or 'need to do that'. It's just the five of us going in a room and hammering it out 'til we got a song together -- then we move on. That might not work for some bands, but it does for ours."


Isabelle’s Gift have opened for national acts such as Marilyn Manson, Brand New Sin, CKY, Godsmack, Kid Rock, Bloodhound Gang, and most notably they were hand picked over four other bands by the members of KISS to open for them in Charlotte, NC at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre! With eight releases under their belt they have worked in the studio with such names as Jared Little (Bloodhound Gang), Patrick Hutchinson (QOTSA, Desert Sessions), Andrew Schneider (Scissorfight, Cave In) and Nick Zampiello (ISIS).


Good rock and roll is based on attitude, it starts there and spreads to the song, the lyric, the delivery, it’s all bound up together and should never be separated – each part must have the others in order to accomplish the final goal and that’s getting the point across. Isabelle’s Gift does just that!

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