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Local Music Scene South Carolina,

Miles To Go band lineup. — with Solomon Encina, Moses Andrews III, Alex Davis, Joey Williams and Garrett Glover.

Performing at the Tin Roof in Columbia, SC. — with Garrett Glover, Joey Williams, Solomon Encina, Alex Davis and Moses Andrews III.

Joey Williams live at the Tin Roof. — with Joey Williams.

Alex Davis live at the Tin Roof. — with Alex Davis.

The "rhythm section" pays close attention to the foundation being laid! — with Garrett Glover and Solomon Encina.

Alex Davis and Moses Andrews III deliver the vocals! — with Joey Williams, Alex Davis and Moses Andrews III.

2013 release "Gypsy" by Miles To Go.

2013 release "Gypsy" by Miles To Go.

Miles To Go is a band from Columbia, South Carolina. With influences ranging from Billy Joel to Metallica, from Pink Floyd to Radiohead, they explore many different styles in their original music. The songs are largely written as key-driven rock, using strong vocals and guitar leads. The band moves seamlessly between cleverly crafted lyrically driven music into straight up heavy driving rock.


Songwriter, keyboardist, and lead vocalist Alex Davis received his Bachelors of Music Composition from The University of South Carolina in 2010. Writing for Miles To Go along with many other projects his style continues to grow and transform while maintaining focus on strong vocal performance and compelling songwriting. Lead guitarist, Garrett Glover, also a graduate from USC has been teaching classical guitar while performing locally with many Columbia artists. Between his guitar riffs and elegant bends Glover leaves an impression every time. Joey Williams has been a Columbia solo artist since 2006, contributing as a member in several other bands along the way. He adds his own unique style to the Miles To Go sound. Moses Andrews III is one of the finest musicians out there and anyone who has worked with him will tell you the same. Although Moses is a talented multi-instrumentalist he plays bass and keyboards for Miles To Go. He begins his studies at Berkley College of Music on Organ Performance this fall. Solomon Encina graduated from California Baptist University in 2011 with his degree in Percussion Performance. Another talented musician who brings a rich pallet of color to the music he plays. Solomon also writes for the online metal review site, “Metal Injection”.


Miles To Go has just finished and released their debut “Gypsy” which is available now for purchasing locally and also available as a digital download. You can look for them to be playing live in the Columbia area and out on the road regionally. Miles To Go also maintains a solid cover repertoire demonstrating the band’s flexibility with performance demands. With many new songs already in play that will be appearing on their second release, the band is travelling and performing to share their music.

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