Truly one of our best - I personally love the Rejectioneers and I have enjoyed watching them grow and change these past years, happy in the knowledge that SC has produced such perfect indie pop and excellent songwriting.


2005 saw the disbanding of one of Columbia’s favorite indie-rock bands, Ben Walker Radio, which was a popular and well received project envisioned by singer/songwriter Ben Walker. Afterwards former band mates Ben Walker and Caleb Weathersby joined forces with Chris Corley and Nathan Poole to form a new project called Rejectioneers.


After some months of writing and composing fresh material the newly formed band booked and played to a sold out show at New Brookland Tavern, opening for Mewithoutyou in November of 2007, then proceeded to perform live consistently throughout 2008. The band eventually dissolved although Caleb Weathersby and Nathan Poole continued to perform alongside another local artist singer/songwriter, Austin Crane. Chris Corley went on to pursue other non-music related ventures and Ben Walker took a much needed break focusing on family and work.


In late 2009 Ben Walker had compiled a healthy song catalog and was considering recording a solo project. Ben started meeting with good friend Kenny McWilliams, formerly a guitar player for Baumer, to discuss recording at Archer Avenue Recording Studio. The addition of Kenny to the process led to talk of a full band situation and shortly thereafter they enlisted Christian Tyler on guitar, Brandon Kean on bass and his brother Josh Kean on drums.


Reviving the band name Rejectioneers after their first practice, the band spent 2010 focused on composing and practicing, honing Ben’s clever, sharp lyrics to the structure of incredibly catchy indie rock songs. At the top of 2011 they began performing live, and the end of the year brought the release of their first EP titled “25,” a meticulously recorded five song offering put together slowly over a two year period. This release was highly anticipated and warmly received.


Over the next two years the band continued to grow and practice, occasionally playing live. Christopher Carroll replaced Josh Kean on drums and as their sound matured and became more refined they set their sights on more studio recording and another release.


2014 gives us “Better This Season.” an overall team effort by each band member, this seven song release reflects great maturity and thoughtfulness in the material presented. Beautifully recorded and arranged at Archer Avenue Recording Studio, it is a pleasure to listen to. Opening with the grand slam sing-a-long, “Way Too Hard,” the band shows off infectious power pop roots. “My Arms” and “Brothers” allow Ben to remind us why he is recognized as one of the most talented and intuitive lyric writers Columbia has produced. “Burn It On The Altar” and “Young Man” give the band members plenty of room to stretch out and establish their musicianship and confidence alongside Ben’s powerful vocals.



Ben Walker - Vocals, Guitar

Kenny McWilliams – Guitar, Keys

Christian Tyler - Guitar

Brandon Kean – Bass, Vocals

Christopher Carroll – Drums

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