Sabin Sharpe

Singer/songwriter Sabin Sharpe is set to make his mark in music, originally from Swansea, SC Sabin is backed by family, friends, and a growing fan base that fuel his desire to write and perform. You can catch him performing throughout the state and beyond either as a solo acoustic act or backed by his band "Sabin Sharpe and The Six Gun South Band. Sabin has his eyes fixed on the prize and will no doubt find a place in music he can call his own through determination, dedication, and hard work and we look forward to seeing where his journey will take him.


Bio (Provided by Jim Sharpe):

Sabin Sharpe grew up hunting and fishing with his father and family in Swansea, SC. He was a sucessfull athlete, who played on the 12U state championship team from Lexington SC and continued to excel all the way through high school as a recruited pitcher. After high school Sabin joined the US Army and that is where he really began singing and writing songs.  When Sabin got out of the service he came home to help support his family by landscaping and barbering.


Sabin’s grandmother saw musical talent in him and nurtured him along, getting him whatever he needed to teach himself to sing, this consisted of using a Karaoke machine, CD’s and a small PA.  Practicing everyday people began to notice. However, he never was interested in singing in front of people but his grandmother wanted him to sing in church, so he learned and eventually did so.


In 2011 Sabin’s father entered him in the Texaco Showdown singing contest in Orangeburg, SC on a whim, Sabin won the semifinals and came in second in the finals the first time he had ever sang on stage.  The director of the event pulled his father to the side and told him that he had been in the radio business for close to 30 years and that Sabin had something special.  He said that he had the voice, the look and was the right age to do great things.  He advised him that Sabin was simply green on stage and needed to get a band behind him and become more seasoned as a performer.  Afterwards, Sabin said he loved being on stage and wanted to see how far he could go in the music business so they started working on building a band. In late 2012 using YouTube and Craigslist, they had a band together amply called the Sabin Sharpe Band.


The Columbia based band hit the stage running in January of 2013 when they played their first show. Powered by the raspy vocals of Sabin, they were on fire playing in-your-face country music that their fans loved. Sabin and his band played over 70 shows their first year out and never looked back. He played just about anywhere he could from large to small venues all over. Also, Sabin and the Sabin Sharpe Band opened for acts such as; Wayland, Gannon Adams and rock band legend Jackyl in 2013. In 2014 they opened for the new up and coming country band acts such as Outshyne, David Lee Murphy, Lenny Cooper, and America’s Got Talent Benton Blount. Sabin and his band played some of the larger venues in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and California, including NASCAR’s Darlington Raceway, Wild Wings Café, The Tin Roof, Jillian’s, The Country Club Dance Hall & Saloon, and The Mint in Los Angeles, CA. Sabin also played acoustically at The World Famous Tootsies, Bootlegger Inn, Swinging Door Saloon, The Boot Barn and The Upper Deck @ George Jones Museum in Nashville, Tennessee.


In 2013 Sabin and his band completed their first 3 song demo including “Shake What Your Momma Gave Ya”, “The Ballad of Bobby Baine”, and “Just Like The Rest”. Sabin also recorded a remix of “Shake What Your Momma Gave Ya” in Nashville, TN. He recently was featured in “Muddy Beatz Magazine”, “The Iceman’s: Best Country Radio”. and The Josie Show. He was also featured in other articles as an up and coming new modern country artist. Sabin received the Founders Award in November 2014, from the Charlotte Music Association (CMA) in Los Angeles, CA. for best up and coming artist.


Sabin Sharpe is accumulating a dedicated fan base that is rapidly growing as more people discover his music each day. He pours his heart and soul into his music which is deep rooted and diverse in genres such as Classic Country, Southern Rock, Hip Hop, Rock & Roll, Modern Country, and the Blues.


Update 12/10/2016:

2017 will find Sabin moving to Nasheville as he begins his journey to establish himself in the world of entertainment as an up and coming country music star. Sabin has accepted a deal with Back Porch Entertainment, a division of Logic Productions and sister company of Logical Records, to promote and move his music career to the next level. Columbia, SC has been watching Sabin for some time and now it looks like a lot of hard work and dedication is about to pay off so join us in congratulating him and wishing the best for his future progress in Nasheville and beyond.

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