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Local Music Scene South Carolina,

Buck Wylde delivers some Harmonica as the band plays on. — with Buck Mooneyhan.

Fred Mitchell lays down the bottom end. — with Fred Mitchell.

Rhonda Parker holds down the backbeat. — with Rhonda Parker.

Buck and Rhonda deliver some heartfelt vocals. — with Rhonda Parker and Buck Mooneyhan.

Screamin’ Scott Mullen adds the licks to top it all off. — with Scott Mullen.

Put it all together and you've got a jammin' good time! — with Fred Mitchell, Buck Mooneyhan, Rhonda Parker and Scott Mullen.

Buck and Rhonda enjoying themselves during a number at Morgan Creek. — with Buck Mooneyhan and Rhonda Parker.

Buck and Scott trading off licks in a live performance. — with Buck Mooneyhan and Scott Mullen.

Buck Wylde serves up some soulful vocals. — with Buck Mooneyhan.

Sanctuary Blues Band live! — with Rhonda Parker, Buck Mooneyhan and Scott Mullen.

The very talented Rhonda Parker singing from her heart. — with Rhonda Parker.

Screamin’ Scott Mullen. — with Scott Mullen.

Rhonda Parker live. — with Rhonda Parker.

Buck Wylde live. — with Buck Mooneyhan.

Rhonda Parker live. — with Rhonda Parker.

A very happy Rhonda Parker live and kicking. — with Rhonda Parker.

Rhonda Parker live at Morgan Creek. — with Rhonda Parker.

Rhonda at the piano belting out a serious vocal performance. — with Rhonda Parker.

Band promo shot. — with Rhonda Parker, Scott Mullen, Buck Mooneyhan and Fred Mitchell.

Sanctuary Blues Band live. — with Buck Mooneyhan, Fred Mitchell and Rhonda Parker.

Sanctuary Blues Band live. — with Buck Mooneyhan and Scott Mullen.

Sanctuary Blues Band upcoming show schedule - mark your calendars!

Upcoming live show at The 145 in Winnsboro, SC.

Upcoming show - Oktoberfest Granby Oaks Benefit Concert October 25th.

Sanctuary Blues Band.

I was raised on Classic Rock and I mostly write and record Pop/Rock but for over 30 years when it comes time to practice my guitar, my instrument of choice – I only practice to the Blues. It started with Big Joe Turner, B.B. King, Albert King, then quickly jumped over to the contemporaries like Clapton, Alvin Lee, and landed perfectly at the feet of Stevie Ray Vaughan. There are so many explanations and so many definitions given about the Blues but I believe it is a personal journey – a personal interpretation made by your soul for your heart. There is something very righteous and cleansing about the Blues that make it a necessity for maintaining balance. I like to believe the Blues belong to the South…to us…to me. I am so glad to finally have the opportunity to showcase one of our very own local Blues bands and I would ask everyone that visits this site to please get out and support this music and its’ musicians and have a good time while you are at it!
Down Home Music Delivered with Uptown Style -

The term “down home” can be interpreted many ways. To Sanctuary Blues Band, it is a palette of many colors: rural living, Sunday morning church, soul food, screen porches and rocking chairs, and music that is as varied as the Delta is from Memphis, and Muscle Shoals is to Charleston. Whether playing standard music venues, benefits or spiritual blues shows in local churches, their unique sound and energy is immediately obvious to the listeners.  Presentation of their original songs along with covers that somehow never got the airplay they deserved, keeps them away from the “classic re-treads” that so many bands rely on. Everyone who is out for musical entertainment, or just plain fun will get their “money’s worth” with SanctuaryBuck Wylde believes that although blues music in general may have a component of “hard times”, there is always a way to find laughter and amusement in colorful descriptions of otherwise “sad” situations. If it’s “nine below zero, when the little girl kicks you out”, or your relationship solution includes “sending her back to Georgia” or “Giving me back my wig and letting your head go bald”, then you have found humor and happiness, at least through your enlightened perspective. Some of Sanctuary’s original songs like “Too Old to Boogie”, “Not Yo Chicken”, “Believer” and “Too Happy to Cry” draw listeners into amusing and entertaining concepts with a “wide open” and “no holds barred” presentation. The jamming between vocals, guitar and harmonica is often thrown into a creative “free flow” mode.


Sanctuary believes that creating a warm environment, welcoming of spontaneity and creative freedom without losing structure, are paramount in taking the audience to the next level. This is easily seen in the dueling harp and guitar, offered by harpist Buck Wylde and guitarist Screamin’ Scott Mullen. Sometimes harp and guitar solos take standard turns, but often take on a “call and answer” form. Buck and Scott intuitively trade off riffs that are fluid and appear effortless. Seasoned bassist Fred Mitchell and drummer Rhonda Parker are always in sync with their rhythmic foundation, providing the necessary anchor for brilliant musical tangents. The chemistry between each band mate is undeniable. Vocalist/drummer, Rhonda Parker, has involved music in every aspect of her life, for as long as she can remember. At work, at home, at play and at church, her outstanding voice is an obvious gift, but is only a fraction of what she brings to Sanctuary’s show.  In addition to her experience of performing all over the southeast, she also draws from a background of musical self-development: music studies at Winthrop College, is an accomplished singer/ songwriter (her radio jingle has carried over airwaves of 100,000 watt FM radio stations for over a decade), plays multiple instruments,  and led music ministry in the church for many years. Rockin’ Rhonda and Buck Wylde each deliver strong individual lead vocals, but their soulful energy can be felt when they perform together…in interactive duets, verse trade-offs and creative harmonizing on many songs. Buck and Rhonda believe they are incredibly blessed to have found such warm and welcoming venue owners and fans in the Carolinas. They believe that the blessings that they are experiencing, and the spiritual heartbeat of their music should be shared: and used as an expression of love and gratitude.

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