The Conner Brothers

Nothing is as complicated nor as beautifully simplistic as a Brother’s love, you might grow up fighting each other like gladiators locked in a small arena filled with fear, blood, and rage but just let someone on the outside lay a hand on you or yours and all hell will break lose upon them!


The Conner Brothers Band was a short lived but productive project consisting of two extremely talented forces, Chris Conner and Brian Conner both brothers in life and in music. Of course Chris was the eldest having already helmed the local favorite “Sourwood Honey Band” as well as enjoying a solo career locally and statewide as a performing singer/songwriter/musician. Younger brother Brian has made no bones about the fact that his greatest inspiration to play music was his older brother who he watched for years develop into a great artist. Brian took up learning to play guitar and quickly became a very capable player in his own right which did not go un-noticed by older brother Chris who would eventually invite Brian to play with Sourwood Honey as well as solo endeavors throughout the state.


It was only a matter of time before the obvious became apparent to both brothers – they needed to form their own band and create music together and this became The Conner Brothers Band. Pooling their creative talent, the brothers put forth one collective release of joint material simply titled “Back Home” released in 2002. This was a small release and copies of the six song project are hard to find but the Conner family have lovingly made it available on this page for all to hear and enjoy and my thanks go out to them for this.


The brothers continued to grow artistically, Chris rooted in a more Americana and Folk sound whereas Brian who was younger gravitated towards a heavier electric sound which he would eventually meld into a mesh of rhythmic/funk/metal making his own unique mark in the music of South Carolina which we will visit at a later time. The Conner Brothers project came to an end and Chris formed The South while Brian explored his new sound forming the band “VILLA*NOVA”.


Life is full of uncertainties and this was not lost on the brothers, Chris left us in 2007 leaving behind a legacy of music, friendships, and inspirations the greatest of which being Brian himself. There is a part of Chris in Brian that you can see when you watch Brian perform and this is a wonderful thing because it means his light will never diminish but burn bright with each creative turn in his brother’s life. No, there is nothing more complicated yet beautifully simplistic as a brother’s love.

The Christopher Conner Foundation carries on Chris' dreams of helping others.

A very special

Thank You

to the Conner family

for allowing me to

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"Back Home" in its entirety for you

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