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Local Music Scene South Carolina,

The Marshall Tucker Band 1972 publicity photo taken shortly after name change.

The Marshall Tucker Band 1972 publicity photo.

First session tapes from their 1973 release "The Marshall Tucker Band".

The Marshall Tucker Band live 1973.

The Marshall Tucker Band live 1973.

The Marshall Tucker Band live 1973.

Doug Gray.


The Marshall Tucker Band lineup 1975. Jerry Eubanks, Toy Caldwell, Tommy Caldwell, Paul Riddle, George McCorkle, and Doug Gray.

The Marshall Tucker Band live in San Francisco at the Winterland. Photo courtesy of Ben Upham.

The Marshall Tucker Band promo photo 1976. Toy Caldwell, Doug Gray, Jerry Eubanks, Tommy Caldwell, George McCorkle, Paul Riddle.

The Marshall Tucker Band promo photo 1976.

The Marshall Tucker Band live in San Francisco at the Winterland. Photo courtesy of Ben Upham.

The Marshall Tucker Band promo photo 1977.

The Marshall Tucker Band promo photo 1977.

Doug Gray captured live with Marshall Tucker. Photo courtesy of Ben Upham

The Marshall Tucker Band promo photo 1978.

The Marshall Tucker Band promo photo 1978.

The Marshall Tucker Band on the road again - 1978.

The Marshall Tucker Band live in Spokane, WA. 1979. Photo courtesy of Ben Upham.

The Marshall Tucker Band promo photo 1980.

The Marshall Tucker Band at Creative Arts Studio 1980.

The Marshall Tucker Band - Southern Spirit Tour 1994.

The Marshall Tucker Band promo photo 2010.

The Marshall Tucker Band promo photo 2011.

The Marshall Tucker Band promo photo 2012.

The Marshall Tucker Band perform at the Grand Ole Opry 2013.

The Marshall Tucker Band perform at the Grand Ole Opry 2013.

The Marshall Tucker Band live in Chicago 2014.

The Marshall Tucker Band touring 2014.

The Marshall Tucker Band touring 2014.

Poster for 1978 Capital Appearance. Art by Amy Tuttle.

Poster for Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer ad campaign.

Poster for Ronrico Rum ad campaign.

Indian Ranch show poster.

Poster for upcoming performances at the Grand Ole Opry.

Asbury Park show poster.

Tyler County Fair show poster.

Poster for "Take The Highway" 2014 tour.

1973 release "The Marshall Tucker Band".

1974 release "Where We All Belong".

1974 release "A New Life".

1975 release "Searchin' For A Rainbow".

1976 release "Long Hard Ride".

1977 release "Carolina Dreams".

1978 release "Together Forever".

1979 release "Running Like The Wind".

1980 release "Tenth".

1981 release "Dedicated".

1981 release "Tukerized".

1983 release "Greetings From South Carolina".

1983 release "Just Us".

1988 release "Still Holdin' On".

1990 release "Southern Spirit".

1992 release "Still Smokin'".

1993 release "Walk Outside The Lines".

1994 release "The Capricorn Years" box set.

1995 release "Live From Spartanburg, SC".

1998 release "Keeping The Love Alive".

1998 release "Face Down In The Blues".

1999 release "Gospel".

2003 release "Stompin' Room Only".

2004 release "Beyond The Horizon".

2004 release "Heard It In A Love Song".

2005 release "Anthology".

2005 release "Carolina Christmas".

2006 release "Live On Long Island".

2006 release "Where A Country Boy Belongs".

2007 release "Carolina Dreams Tour '77".

2007 release "The Next Adventure".

2009 release "Love Songs".

2010 release "Way Out West! Live From San Francisco 1973".

2011 release "Greatest Hits" reissued.

Georgia has The Allman Brothers Band, North Carolina has The Charlie Daniels band, and South Carolina has The Marshall Tucker Band. There is a great feeling of pride and assurance when I make that statement, it gives me a sense of an even playing field if you know what I mean. I cut my teeth as a musician growing up in South Carolina listening to and performing Marshall Tucker songs, especially “Can’t You See” which for all intents and purposes is a staple song in just about any decent southern cover bands song list as well it should be. I have always been and will always be proud of The Marshall Tucker Band and what they represent to our state, what they say about us in their music, how they have lived their lives before the rest of the music world never pretending to be anything less than true southern gentlemen.


The Marshall Tucker Band got its start in Spartanburg, SC when Doug Gray teamed up with Tommy Caldwell and Toy Caldwell, Paul T. Riddle, George McCorkle and Jerry Eubanks, borrowing the name "Marshall Tucker" from a piano tuner whose name was found on a key ring in their old rehearsal space. In 1972, they signed with Capricorn Records, the same label that guided The Allman Brothers Band, Wet Willie, and others to national fame. The Marshall Tucker Band opened shows for The Allman Brothers in 1973, and the following year, they began to headline their own shows across America due to the platinum-plus sales of their debut album.  They toured constantly playing sheds, stadiums, theaters, fairs, and festivals.


In years to come, The Marshall Tucker Band would wow critics and influence major country acts like Alabama, The Kentucky Headhunters, Confederate Railroad, and Travis Tritt with its definitive blend of rock, rhythm & blues, jazz, country, and gospel. Now, thanks to the expanding scope of today's music, a new generation of fans is learning what the rest of their fans have known for so long- that good music knows no boundaries.  Along the way, the band has recorded twenty two studio albums, three DVDs, three live albums and many compilations.


In 1980 Tommy Caldwell died as a result of injuries from an auto accident.  In 1984 Toy Caldwell, George McCorkle, and Paul Riddle decided to retire.  Doug Gray and Jerry Eubanks with the blessings of the other three continued to record and perform as the Marshall Tucker Band.  1n 1993 Toy Caldwell, who wrote the majority of their songs, passed away, as did George McCorkle in 2007.  Jerry Eubanks retired in 1996 and Doug Gray continues to lead the current band of fine musicians winning new young fans as well as satisfying the loyal fans of several generations.


Years of rigorous tour schedules earned the band the respect of critics and countless dedicated fans. With hit singles like "Heard It In a Love Song", "Fire On The Mountain", "Can't You See", and "Take The Highway", The Marshall Tucker Band earned seven gold and three platinum albums while they were on the Capricorn Records label. During the 90's, The Marshall Tucker Band scored four hit singles on Billboard's country chart and one on Billboard's gospel chart. Their music has also been featured on the soundtracks of movies such as Smokey and the Bandit, The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper, Shipwrecked, Crank 2, Don’t Mess with the Zohan, Stop Loss, Swing Vote, Taking Chance and many others as well as many TV Shows.


“The buying public never really cared whether we were country or rock and roll" says Gray. "They called us a Southern rock band, but we have always played everything from country, jazz, blues, Rock & Roll and all things in-between. As we've become older, our Southern heritage seems to come out even more. But no matter how old we get, we can still rock your socks off."  Gray also notes that people have gotten "married and buried" to classic Marshall Tucker Band songs like "Desert Skies" and "Can't You See". After 41 years, The Marshall Tucker Band continues to be played on classic rock and country radio, and they have never stopped touring.


Today the band records on its own RAMBLIN’ RECORDS label which is distributed by SONY by way of a joint venture with SHOUT! FACTORY and continues to record new material and continues to regularly tour the country to the delight of their fans, old and new. Still led by founding member and lead singer Doug Gray, they represent a time and place in music that will never be duplicated.  Gray is quick to credit the band's current dynamic members with carrying on the timeless essence of the Marshall Tucker Band sound. Current members include slide guitarist Stuart Swanlund who joined the band in 1989, the highly respected drummer B.B. Borden, a former member of both Mother's Finest and The Outlaws, multi instrumentalist Marcus Henderson of Macon, Georgia, plays flute, saxophone and keyboards in addition to lead and background vocals, Pat Elwood on bass guitar, and Rick Willis on lead guitar and vocals, both of Spartanburg SC, are disciples of the Caldwell Brothers.  Together they present a powerful stage presence as they continue to tour the country and continue to be powerful force in the world of music.


Band (current):

Doug Gray – Lead Vocals

Pat Elwood– Bass

Rick Willis– Guitar, Vocals

B.B. Borden – Drums

Marcus James Henderson – Keyboards, Saxophone, Flute, Vocals

Chris Hicks - Guitar, Vocals


Members (past):

Jerry Eubanks

Toy Caldwell

George McCorkle

Paul Riddle

Tommy Caldwell

Franklin Wilkie

Stuart Swanlund

Rusty Milner

Tim Lawter

Ronnie Godfrey

Bobby Ogdin

Bob Wray

James Stroud

Tom Robb

Ace Allen

Don Cameron

Frank Toler

Mark Pettey

Ronald Radford

Paul Thompson

Garry Guzzardo

David Muse

Clay Cook

Tony Heatherly

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