The South

Excerpt from the Chris Conner Bio (Provided by Sherry Kyanko):

After the deformation of Sourwood Honey and the Conner Brothers Band Chris' musical growth continued and he found the right answer in 2004 when he formed "The South" band. The South finally gave Chris a chance to put his own stamp on something without filters or alterations. Like The South's "Let It Sing" says, "This little bird inside, I'm gonna’ let it sing".


In January 2007, at the height of The South's success, Chris was diagnosed with lung cancer. The medical crisis made Chris even more aware of the importance of his family and faith, the two things he held closest in the months to follow. His faith and courage became a source of strength for the thousands who followed him. He continued writing and performing, and continued to help and encourage other musicians.


Bio (from the press kit):

The South was an alternative country music experience, but still represented the best of southern music and its song writing traditions. This new country sound, combined with the experience of seasoned musicians and a classic vocal style, culminate in something very unique, both on stage and in the studio.


Chris Conner, lead vocalist and songwriter, formed the band in Lexington, South Carolina in the summer of 2004. Drawing from his experiences with the group Sourwood Honey, Conner was able to bring together five talents who all shared a certain philosophy and dedication toward their craft. The sound they created was progressive but true to its roots.


Jimmy Branham, formerly of Treadmill Trackstar, and Trey Brown, with several studio and television performance credits, provided a solid foundation to The South's pleasing sound. Charles Funk, once with S-Tribe, added a brash, but smart style of guitar that contrasted well with the deep rich folk-harmonies created by Chris Conner and Nicole Hagenmeyer.


December 2, 2005 saw the only release from this band titled “Monsters in the Kudzu”. A collection of original songs written by Chris and band that defied categorization. Touching on several genres like country, alt-country, bluegrass, rock, southern rock, jazz and more, this release offered something for everyone.


Band Members:

Chris Conner – Songwriter, Vocals, Guitar

Nicole (Nikki Lee) Hagenmeyer – Vocals

Charles Funk – Guitar

Trey Brown – Bass

Jimmy Branham – Drums

The Christopher Conner Foundation carries on Chris' dreams of helping others.

The videos below are excerpts from a full concert show filmed and produced by Scott Rosenbrook at Full Sail University. Appreciation goes out to Scott for capturing this performance for us to enjoy - Thanks Scott.

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