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You need to take the time to listen to this release, the entire release. Well written material, arranged and performed with thought and care. One of the things that impressed me about this body of work was how mature it sounded and felt, every track presents itself so well grounded and solid, by todays contemporary music standards it's a very nice change.


The other thing that impressed me was Tawnya Langston's voice. From the gut felt delivery of "I'm Taking It Back" and "It's Not You, It's Me" to the soft touches of "I Choose You" and "Desert". There are even hints of light Jazz with "Road Home" and if I'm not mistaken I hear Celtic in "Capture The Mountain".

This is an excellent release from two very talented individuals from right here in Columbia, SC. I can't recommend "Becoming Blue" enough and I hope you purchase it for yourself to listen to and enjoy, I promise you it will find it's way to your personal playlist quickly to be played again and again.

Remember my friends -

Support local music!!!

Jerry Axson



So this is not a South Carolina band but I'm a sucker for awesome Power-Pop mixed in with Alternative

and just a touch of classic 80's plus, it's my website so this one is for me, (but I know you'll enjoy too!).


From Charlottesville, Virginia, The Barons are frontman Peyton Alley, lead guitarist Josiah Ragland, bassist Kirtland Gray, and drummer Mathes Glymph. With extensive touring on the US college circuit and supporting the tours of top Billboard artists (i.e. Judah and the Lion, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Barns Courtney, The Aces, etc.) behind their back, The Barons have quickly developed their arena potential. The band currently has 12 singles released and there's no question their writing is prep for a full-length.

The band intertwines intricate time signatures and heavy pop melodies into their tunes such as “Tell Me (There’s No One But You)” and “Yard Sale” while holding onto their straight forward rock n’ roll roots in tunes such as “Hands On” and “American High” that represent their journeys on tour through the road less travelled. Each song the band has released remains versatile in their ‘genre placement’ making the band’s writing and live shows that much more intriguing.

Being such close neighbors to our great state of South Carolina you can easily catch these guys live in Columbia or Charleston so do yourself a favor and check them out first chance you get!

Jerry Axson

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