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If you have been following Jonathan's career as a seasoned Nashville session guitarist who currently shares the stage with Jessie James Decker it should be no surprise to learn he writes, records, and produces his own music. After easing into the solo artist category with several previous single and EP releases he presents us with a full 14 song collection of Rock, Pop, Ballad, and sweet dirty Soul cuts guaranteed to have something for everybody.

I've watched Jonathan's song writing prowess grow these past few years and I can say he just keeps getting better and better. Knowing how seriously he takes the art form as both a writer and a singer it has been an absolute pleasure to witness his development in the craft. As a guitar player myself I know the touch when I hear it and Jonathan is a skilled guitarist who plays with the heart whereby every note, every passage is delivered naturally and tastefully with meaning and purpose meant to enhance each song and not to distract.

I've said this before and I will say it again, Jonathan Wyndham is standing on the edge of great things. He has the talent, the skill, and the drive to make anything happen and I'll be happy to preach the word wherever I can so as many as possible can get in on this talent before it breaks full force!


Jerry Axson

Local Music Scene SC

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