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River Monster Records will be releasing Bedlam Hour

It is with great honor and extreme excitement to welcome Bedlam Hour to the River Monster Records Family. During the 90's big music scene boom that was coming out of South Carolina Bedlam Hour was louder, faster and way more entertaining than most. If you ever happened to catch one of their live shows you'd know exactly what I'm talking about. If it wasn't for the impact Bedlam Hour had on me during my younger days I probably wouldn't be involved in the punk scene today or even own an independent punk rock record label. If you don't know Bedlam Hour or haven't heard their music please look them up and give them a listen but if you're like me you can't wait to hear what they have coming soon.

Larry Parker - Label owner and founder at River Monster Records

Acclaimed North Carolina-based singer-songwriter CHRIS CHURCH is back with a new single – and a new sound! -- this Friday, February 17. The all-new “Going 'Til We Go” is the global pop world's first tease of the forthcoming album RADIO TRANSIENT that Chris has been hinting at and Big Stir Records is soon to officially announce. The single will be streaming everywhere on the street date with pre-order/pre-save live now (, and more details on RADIO TRANSIENT are soon to come as “Going 'Til We Go” hits guitar-pop airwaves all over the world.

From its opening synth figure to the hyperkinetic drumming (courtesy of Nick Bertling) to the sleek, clean, '80-inspired guitar lines, “Going 'Til We Go” is an instant earworm and a sonic departure for CHRIS CHURCH. But it couldn't be anyone else: the unmistakable vocal presence and the irresistible hooks of the chorus make it clear that while the sound may be new, it's pop songwriting at its finest, emotive and inviting. Chris tells us why “Going 'Til We Go” is emblematic of the direction of the new record:

“This song captures the essence of what I was going for musically when I began writing this album. I was looking for the crossroads between Lindsey Buckingham, The Fixx, and '80s Hall & Oates. There are aspects of those influences in most of the songs on this album, but this song is the first one I wrote for it. Achieving the sound I had in mind was greatly aided, and somewhat restrained in a positive way, by the fact that i forced myself to use only my 12-string Danelectro guitar. It captured the thin 'silvery' sound I wanted. As on all the songs on the album, Bertling's frenetic drums are fantastic and really drive the song, and Lindsay Murray's backing vocals play such an important role in the big picture.”

Going Til We Go.jpg

With the sound set in place, and as always with CHRIS CHURCH, the songs take center stage, and “Going” is one of the sweetest and most heartfelt tunes on the new record. “The lyrics here are somewhat metaphor but largely literal, about how my wife Lori is my biggest concern, with a nod to the fact that we like to sit outside on our deck talking, fixing all the problems of the world and listening to music all evening. just reminding her that i'm always going to be there for her, in the moment as well as in general, until we both 'go inside'.” Not everything on the record is as tender, but it's all just as invigorating and original, and sure to be one of the year's most celebrated releases. Big Stir Records can't wait to bring it all to you this March.

I'm not going to lie about it - Chris Church is one of my absolute favorite artists putting music out today! I can't wait to hear the new material and this teaser single is spot-on cool. Follow the link below to read about it and to hear it for yourself then pre-order your copy today. — Jerry Axson

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