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Local Music Scene South Carolina,

Group shot. — with Chris Shirah, Bryan Lynn Taylor, Isaac Stone and Forest Montgomery.

Live at "Warped Your Charlotte 2005" — with Isaac Stone, Bryan Lynn Taylor, Forest Montgomery and Chris Shirah.

Live! — with Forest Montgomery.

Conference room meeting... — with Bryan Lynn Taylor, Forest Montgomery, Chris Shirah and Isaac Stone.

Live! — with Chris Shirah.

Live! — with Isaac Stone and Chris Shirah.

Live! — with Bryan Lynn Taylor and Chris Shirah.

Live! — with Bryan Lynn Taylor.

Live! — with Isaac Stone.

Live! — with Chris Shirah and Isaac Stone.

2001 release "Incandescent Light"

2004 release "Distance And Darkness"

2006 release "Save Yourself A Lifetime"

2007 Deep Elm Records label sampler release "Cover Your Tracks" which included the track "This Guy's Ready For Bed"

2007 Deep Elm Records label sampler release "Unreleased No. 3" which included the track "Halo"

2007 Deep Elm Records label sampler release "Unreleased No. 4" which included the tracks "Something To Steal, 2 Second Angel, Hands Like Stones"

Burns Out Bright was a 4 piece indie-emo-punk band from Columbia, South Carolina. Original line up included Chris Chastie on guitar/vocals, Isaac Stone on bass, Forest Montgomery on second guitar and Chris Shirah on drums. After performing a few shows, Chastie left the group in 2000 and Stone took over vocals while continuing as bassist. Shortly thereafter Randy Lee stepped in as second guitarist after answering a flyer at a local music store. Burns Out Bright began practicing non stop with this line up and recorded the “Two second Angel” EP at a friend’s home studio. In 2001, the quartet entered the studio to record the 7 song “Incandescent Light” EP. It was released independently and sold about 1000 copies.


Burns Out Bright spent time touring with acts like Stretch Arm Strong, Evergreen Terrace, and Bear vs. Shark in support of the “Incandescent Light” album. 2002-2003 saw the quartet back to work in the studio recording the tracks that would become the “Distance and Darkness” album. While touring in the Northeast the group signed with respected indie label Deep Elm Records in October 2003. In November 2003, guitarist Randy Lee exited the group (for personal reasons) and was soon replaced with fellow Columbia musician Bryan Taylor. Summer of 2004, Deep Elm Records released the much anticipated album “Distance and Darkness”. Burns Out Bright began touring heavily again to support the “Distance and Darkness” album. In 2005 in between touring and working, the group went back in the studio and recorded “Save yourself a Lifetime”. It was released in early 2006 also by Deep Elm Records. Besides releasing the two albums on Deep Elm Records, the group has also been featured on several compilation albums released by the record company. The band spent the next few years touring and playing live extensively finally putting the project to rest in 2009 after deciding to take an extended hiatus. Isaac Stone and Chris Shirah currently are active and recording in the local Columbia band VOROV having just released a 3 song EP.

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