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Deadly Ernest Logo 02 700x700.jpg

Cover art I created for the CD pressing when I migrated the cassette material over to digital. Took the cassette paper cover artwork and treated it in Adobe PhotoShop adding color. It was a miracle I had the fonts so it all worked out.

Rear CD cover artwork, put together using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Original scan of paper cassette cover unfolded. Cleaned up in Adobe Photoshop and exported as a high resolution TIFF file.

Ricky Murray - picture taken while he was with another band called "Legal Tender" — with Ricky Murray.

Ricky Murray - picture taken while he was with another band called "Legal Tender" — with Ricky Murray, Bobby Nelms and Chris Binnicker.

Ricky Murray - picture taken while he was with another band called "Southern Express" — with Ricky Murray.

When I started this site I knew there would be occasions when I would post a band and have very little if any information, pictures, videos, or even audio samples to go along with, this is one of those times. Deadly Ernest was an Orangeburg area band that had a short but distinctive run around 1996. The band consisted of Joe D. Palchikoff on Lead Guitar, Don E. Dennis on Rhythm Guitar, Dave C. Dennis on Drums, and Ricky Murray on Bass Guitar. I came to discover this band and their studio release by accident through Ricky Murray. I had worked with Ricky for nearly ten years and though I knew he had been a musician at one time I had never heard his work or the studio release Deadly Ernest put out in ’96. I was at work the day Ricky passed away and I will never forget that, it was a sad day. I heard he was a hard man to get to know but I never had a problem with Ricky – we laughed, cut up, and enjoyed each others company very much, he was a good guy. After the funeral his family came to me and knowing I had a home studio they asked if I would take his body of work and migrate it from cassette tape to digital for posterity and to give copies to his children, I was glad to help. What I was not prepared for as I sat alone in my studio working on this project was the quality of composition, the skill, and the execution of the songs contained on the project titled “reality”. The first song on side “A” called “From The Get Go” blew me away! Being a disciple of pop I was amazed this had come from a local little known band and that someone I had known for so long was a part of that.


Through what information I could gather with very few contacts available Don and Dave Dennis were part of the Dennis Brothers, another area band that had been around in one form or another for years. I could not find any information on Joe D. Palchikoff the Lead Guitarist. I tried to get in touch with any of the remaining three members for input on this Bio and posting but I had no luck. If anyone reading this can put me in touch with them I would appreciate it and I would also appreciate any pictures of this band if they exist. I will be happy to scan, prep, and post them for the site. In my opinion this is a jewel that was overlooked and could have been forgotten, one of those perfect moments where a group of unlikely people get together and something incredibly special is created. I’m grateful I came to hear and know this work and also grateful I can post it so everyone can hear Joe, Don, Dave, and Ricky’s music and appreciate their art. In memory of Ricky Murray – a talented musician and friend.

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