Moxie was started in 1986 by Terry Collins on vocals, Roger Padgett on guitar, Tim Bramlett on bass, Eddie Hutto on guitar, and Troy Main on drums. Later additions to the lineup included Raymond Fail on guitar, Riley Warren on drums, Andy Crook on keyboards, and David Till on guitar for a short period of time as well. Members from this time period who have since passed away are Troy Main on drums and the late Ozzie Griffis who played guitar for two stints in the band. In 1989 Wes Hanna joined on drums and in 1991 Buddy Jones joined on guitar. During this incarnation of the band there were three guitarists in the active lineup.


The band split in two in 1991 with Raymond Fail and Roger Padgett reforming the band “White Cap” while Terry Collins, Tim Bramlett, Wes Hanna, and Buddy Jones started the band “Medicine Hat”.


Moxie performed live from Georgia to Virginia opening for major label recording acts such as Cheap Trick, Foghat, The Guess Who, and Nantucket. Special mention goes out to Ricky Main who was a longtime sound engineer and friend of the Band. Ricky has worked for and toured with the Columbia based performing band “Almost Nuts”.

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