There is a new band coming out of Columbia, SC and the name is STARDOG – if you like it loud and heavy with strong vocals and a touch of melodic electric blues then you will want to get out and see this band. Their debut CD “Black Mountain Rain” has opened the doors to a summer promising hot nights and great live shows coming on strong with the title song and four additional offerings of blistering rhythm and blues. If you have not picked up your copy of the CD yet catch them live and you will – consisting of veteran players from some well known local and touring bands they bring a level of excellence to the table with their writing, playing and live performance. Pick up the CD and get out to support your local musicians and bands and have a good time doing it!


After the release of their April 2013 debut track, "Black Mountain Rain", STARDOG has become one of the most anticipated bands in the Southeast. This South Carolina based rock group has shared their raucous sound with rousing appreciation and incredible support from fans all over the Southeast and beyond.STARDOG is made up of some of the most dedicated and talented musicians in the region. Each player has a history in the music business and influences from A-Z. Lead vocalist Artie Joyner pours in the soul and vibe while guitarist Beau Long creates a sonic palette of Les Paul tone. Raz lays down the bass thunder and Jayson Moore delivers the knockout percussion concussion. Keyboardist Mark Foy pulls it all together to form one heavyweight arena rock band. These guys deliver the goods in an old school vibe with a modern twist.


Their debut EP, Black Mountain Rain, is available now on iTunes. Songs like the title track "Black Mountain Rain" showcase the bands hard revving roots in rock and roll conjuring up visions of Black Country Communion, April Wine and even some early 70's Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. All done with the sonic blast of modern edginess.



Artie Joyner – Lead vocals

Beau Long – Guitars, vocals

Dale Raszewski – Bass, vocals

Jayson Moore – Percussion, vocals

Mark Foy – Keyboards, vocals

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