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Local Music Scene South Carolina,

Stone Alley band lineup. — with Andy Thompson, David Thompson, Ken Gillam and Fred Jeffers.

Stone Alley band lineup. — with Andy Thompson, Ken Gillam, Fred Jeffers and David Thompson.

David Thompson laying down some lead work. Ken Gillam in the Union Jack shirt to the left. — with Ken Gillam and David Thompson.

Ken Gillam sitting behind his Tama Artstars. — with Ken Gillam.

Bandmate reunion. — with Fred Jeffers, Ken Gillam, David Thompson, Eddie Thompson and Andy Thompson.

I’ve known most of the guys in Stone Alley since I began actively playing in bands in Orangeburg near the end of the 70’s. I had the pleasure of performing live with them in 1986 at the Orangeburg Armory New Years Show and I have worked with Ken Gillam writing and recording my original material – he is a fantastic drummer with great attention to detail, structure, and delivery. What I remember the most about Stone Alley was their live performances, lead singer and front man Andy Thompson presented himself personably, and with high energy as the rest of the band did and their attention to stage presence and show was always professional. And of course I must mention Fred Jeffers simply because his knowledge of local bands and artists has been a big help to me in keeping the facts straight on the history of this site! Great guys – great band!


Bio (provided by Fred Jeffers):

Formed in the late 70's from the remnants of Chrystal Staircase, the Shylock Band, and Davenport, the core of the band were David and Andy Thompson.

David, having been a drummer, took over lead guitar duties and quickly established his signature "2 volume levels--Stun and Kill".

Truly a versatile musician, brother Andy handled lead vocals, guitars, and keyboards as well as penning a few originals. Original bassist Jonathan "JD" Darnell opted for an early but temporary 'retirement' and was replaced by Fred Jeffers who brought along Eddie Thompson. The band rocked the house with Metal tunes from Dokken, Fast Way, Motley Crue as well as more pop oriented songs by the Producers, the Babys, April Wine and more.


Answering the call of the U.S. Navy, Eddie Thompson abdicated his thrown to Ken Gillam who propelled the music until the break up of the band. Andy went on to supply keys and vocals with the Shadows. Ken Gillam supplied the steam engine for such other local bands as the Bored Suburban Youth and Red Menace. Jonathan reappeared in several other bands as did David, both of whom are currently in the Hwy6 Band.

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