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On the subject of Hootie & the Blowfish I have never spoken with a single person from South Carolina that was not proud of them. They are the band that put us on the map and that legacy will carry forever more. I was late collecting their catalog and later still giving them a deep and honest study but personally I believe that worked out for the best and here’s why – I did not get swept up in the fever of 1994 or the mania that followed, I was submerged in building my own home studio, writing, recording, and learning and gave little thought to the world of music outside for many years. Exploring them later as a much older and wiser...

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I love Danielle Howle – as a matter of fact you can’t meet her and not fall in love with her she’s just that genuine. She gives without expecting in return, she’s fiercely dedicated to her friends and her fan base and they in turn feel the same way about her. She has never given up and she shows no sign of giving up in the near future, she is a force of nature by design steadfast in dedication to her craft yet soft and yielding in her expression of that same craft.

I’m very proud to assemble and put up this showcase which only just touches on the depth of her career. A true South Carolina treasure, an incredible talent...

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Living in Orangeburg I remember Willis Blume and I also remember Shagtime. I briefly had a music review column while working at the Orangeburg newspaper and I was charged with reviewing their release, “Always Wound.” Retrospect is a funny thing because thinking back I attempted to write about and explain something I really had no understanding of. My mistake was I thought Beach Music was suppose to be Soulful and the only true Soul I knew did not sound anything like this. My ignorance haunts me to this day. Beach Music is a music unto itself, vibrant, happy, a joy to listen to and appreciate and to top it off Beach Music was created here in South Carolina spawning the Shag dance...

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What can you say about Dizzy Gillespie that has not been said before. I can only give you my take and simply put he was an incredible musician of unmatched vision. I’m a blues player myself and Jazz alludes me a bit, I think it’s the timing and the interjected spontaneity – give me 4/4 and Big Joe Turner and I’m out!

Artists like Dizzy Gillespie not only bring amazing talent to the table but they take it up several notches and set new standards worldwide that only a few dare ever reach for. South Carolina should be very proud of the musicians and music we have produced as a state, by proxy we are all a part of something magnificent...

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​After months of research and studying Eartha Kitt's incredible life and career I have come away with the greatest of respect and admiration for her and I would have to say in my opinion she is the most accomplished talent this state has yet produced.

A very special Thank you to Kitt Shapiro for giving me permission to create this page and also to Jonathan Thompson and the generous folks at Freedom Forum for allowing the use of their "Speaking Freely" episode with Eartha Kitt...