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Bosco Bee Band
Cravin' Melon
David Ball
Divide The Sea
Edwin McCain
Marcus King
Moses Dillard
Noah "Butch" Hendricks
Peabo Bryson
Poor Man's Fame
Steve Watson
The Bojax
The Carolina Tikis
The MadHatters
The Marshall Tucker Band
The Next Move
The Stepps
The Stoney Creek String Band
The Swinging' Medallions
The Vegas
The Work
Uncle Walt's Band
Altered Moods
American Gun
Astrobotica Supra De' Nova
Bachelors of Art
Bedlam Hour
Bemo Prince
Ben Walker Radio
BIG Sky 12
Bona Lisa
Bored Suburban Youths
Burns Out Bright
Chris Conner
Crash Cadillac
Danielle Howle
Danielle Howle and the Tantrums
David Cooler
David Earle Johnson
Deadly Ernest
The Deb Varn Band
Del Rae
Don Covay
Eartha Kitt
Edisto River Band
Gunpowder Tea
Hootie & The Blowfish
I Nine
Isabelles Gift
James Brown
Jonathan Wyndham
Josh Roberts & The Hinges
Kimberly Summer Pollock
Lay Quiet Awhile
Mac Millen Davis
Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs
Medicine Hat
Miles To Go
Pamela Dale
Patrick Davis
Petrillo Relents
Red Menace
Robins Cradle
Sabine Sharpe
Sanctuary Blues Band
Sourwood Honey
Stone Alley
Stretch Arm Strong
TARWATER Bone Machine
The Conner Brothers
The Crawl
The Exotics
The Fanatics
The Sensational Epics
The South
Toro Y Moi
Treadmill Trackstar
White Cap
49 Reasons
AJ Case
Bill Pinkney
Chubby Checker
Dizzy Gillespie
Rob Crosby
The Dixon Brothers
James Jamerson
Joe Taylor
John Phillips
Jump Little Children
Sol Driven Train
Ten Toes Up
The Blue Dogs
The Killer Whales
Uncle Mingo
Wes Mackey
Divide The Sea 06 300x300.png

Researching Divide The Sea reminded me of the community that existed for the punk, metal, and hardcore scenes in those early days here in our state. There was a lot of comradery and support, bands had each other’s backs and it made for a very healthy scene. The fact that this showcases the Christian hardcore metal scene makes it that much more unique and special. These young men gave it their all and you can hear that in each track, you can see that in their live performances. The songs are very good and the musicianship is outstanding – a truly great band from our upstate region.

Peabo Bryson 300x300.jpg

You cannot listen to Peabo Bryson sing without being moved, his voice is an incredible instrument unto itself proven by decades of hit songs and industry respect that has made him R&B royalty. A first class artist, he sets the standard for showmanship, integrity, and perfection in a time where we don’t see that kind of all around excellence in an artist anymore.

As a singer and entertainer I greatly respect this man but personally I’m drawn to his humility and his conviction to faith which he seems to make very clear when speaking on the subjects. ​Proud that he is from South Carolina, the world could use a lot more Peabo Bryson and be the better for it!

J Wyndham Logo 300x300.jpg

I have logged thousands of hours researching each artist and band I have had the privilege to build a showcase page for and I have learned in doing this there are certain facts and patterns that emerge. Some fall into their craft seemingly by mistake or sheer luck if you tend to believe in that sort of thing. Then there are those who have a clear understanding of their abilities and the opportunities available by applying tremendous work and devotion.

Jonathan Wyndham is a force to be recognized, singer, songwriter, producer/engineer, and a world-class guitarist. When you talk about paying your dues this young man has vested a fortune in the right to be recognized by both fans and peers for his dedication to craft, excellence in work, and sheer faith in...


As the owner of this website, it has been a professional highlight for me to build this showcase for one of South Carolina’s finest offerings – the Dixiana band. As a musician it was a personal joy and honor to work so closely with Mark and Phil Lister while putting it all together, thank you gentlemen for the opportunity.

There is so much one can say about Dixiana, the talent, the songs, the look and feel of the band and how they presented themselves to the world in such a professional manner as to make our state so proud. One of my biggest take-aways as I worked on this showcase was discovering that not only were they a world class act, but they were also fans themselves as noted during their Nashville and Grand Ole’ Opry period. One more attribute that solidifies their place and value...

Don Covay 300x300.jpg

Talk about your cult figures. This is a guy who the public knows almost nothing about, yet he has been worshiped and lionized by rock 'n' roll musicians on both sides of the Atlantic for decades. Known primarily as a facile and prolific songwriter - his tunes have been recorded by artists ranging from Aretha Franklin to Bonnie Raitt, from Lena Horne to Fabian - Don Covay was also an influential singer and performer.
I have just spent two weeks immersed in this mans 5 decade career and I am in awe. I love keeping this website because it constantly humbles me and reminds me in fact and historical truth how South Carolina has produced a wealth of world class talent and this man is a treasure, come on folks – he wrote...

Pamela Dale 300x300.jpg

There are many things you can say about Pamela Dale, she loved her friends, loved and respected the people she made music with, loved her hometown and state. But the one truth that stands out as the best part of her is this, she loved music.

The road Pam walked was not always easy but there were defined moments of accomplishments, her voice was heard and recognized and her songs did make a difference to those who were willing to listen or needed to hear them. South Carolina has lost a brightly colored thread from her tapestry of music but the work has been laid down for us to hear and remember her by...


I have known Donna Milikin for a long time, I don’t think we ever actually met but in my circle of musician friends she has been a fixture forever. I remember she always came out and supported local artists performing, her love for music and the people who make it is well known and highly respected. Somewhere along the way she met and married Andrew Milikin and together they have forged their own sound in Bona Lisa. Considering most bands often find it hard to get along and hold it together, the fact that this husband and wife team have not only thrived but grown stronger and consistently put out better material with each release is amazing...

AJ Case Logo 300x300.jpg

I stumbled across the video for “Hang Glide to Malibu” by AJ Case and as I pressed play and listened to this beautifully moving song I was immediately drawn in. I started looking for anything else I could find, track after track, each one more impressive than the last.

What I like about AJ is his ability to create music across a very wide canvas. I hear many flavors of musical styles and genres both in his composition and in his writing. It’s relaxed and it does not speak at me but rather it speaks to me, like a conversation between two people or when you just let someone talk it out while you listen and don’t say a word. I’m glad I found AJ, it’s been good getting to know him and I’m very proud he is a South Carolina artist.

Crossfade05 1400x1400.png

If you stop and think about what three young men accomplished here through hard work and determination you have to be amazed. In a home built studio utilizing what was at that time a technology newly available to the masses they wrote, performed, and produced a body of work that was so well done not only did it get them signed to a major label but could be released with little to no modification.

Crossfade had a global impact on music, their body of work stands the test of time and their fan base has never wavered but actually grown in their absence. I’m proud that they are a South Carolina band, (hometown actually), and proud to have them represented here on Local Music Scene SC. Thanks to Mitch James for his input and guidance and to the band as a whole for their contributions to our...

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